As promised

… in Condition, here the code contained by the if statement.

It’s a little bit convoluted, but it’s so well commented.

	if (cod_tipo_uo.equals("21") || !cod_tipo_uo.equals("21")){
		if (itemComboTip.equals("")){
			ptfType = "";
			ptfSubTtypel = "";
			if (cod_tipo_uo.equals("A3")|| cod_tipo_uo.equals("94")){
				if (!ContextUtil.consumeArea(request, "CodItem").isEmpty() && 
						ContextUtil.consumeArea(request, "CodItem")!= null	){
					String val = (String) ContextUtil.consumeArea(request, "CodItem")
						.toArray() [0];
					val = val.substring(3,val.length());
					ContextUtil.informArea(request, val, "searchType");
					if (!val.equals("ALL")){					
						ptfType = val.substring(0,2);
						if (val.length()== 5){
							ptfSubTtypel = val.substring(3,5);
						}else if (val.length()== 2){
							ptfSubTtypel = "";

						if (ptfSubTtypel.equals("")){
								+'-'+ ptfType, "searchType");					
						}else ContextUtil.informArea(request,cod_tipo_uo 
							+'-'+ ptfType+'-'+ptfSubTtypel, "searchType");
			}else ContextUtil.informArea(request, "ALL", "searchType");

Still no clue of what it was about.

(I think) Actually in the production code of the Big Bank, I did not dare touch it


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